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Everything You Need To Know About Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park

One of the best experiences you can think of while visiting Colombia is exploring the Tayrona National Park, especially if you are a free soul looking to connect with nature on a deeper level.


Without hesitation, Tayrona Park offers endless adventures you could never even dream of. But where does your journey end after a long day? If you still need to figure out where to spend the night, don't worry! In this post, we'll show you the finest ways to recharge your batteries.

Tayrona Park Entrance Fees

When planning your trip to Tayrona, it is important to take into consideration that there are two entrance fees, one for the high season and one for the low season.

High Season

The high season at Tayrona is considered from June to July and then from December to January. Colombian Holidays are also considered part of the season:



Nationals, resident foreigners, or individuals from the Andean Community (CAN)

5 to 24

COP 27,500 (USD 7-8)

Nationals, resident foreigners, or individuals from the Andean Community (CAN) 

Over 25

COP 39000 (USD 10)


COP 87,000 (USD 22-23)

Low  Season



Nationals, resident foreigners, or individuals from the Andean Community (CAN)

5 to 24

COP 24,500 (6-7)

Nationals, resident foreigners, or individuals from the Andean Community (CAN) 

Over 25

COP 33000 (USD 8)


COP 73,500 (US 19)

Protip: Keep in mind, Tayrona National Park closes three times a year:

  • February 1st-15th

  • June 1st-15th

  • October 19- November 2nd

 Accommodations in Tayrona National Park

If the timing isn't on your side, staying in the park would be a reasonable option. Find three accommodation options below:


If you are looking for a more comfortable lodging option within the park, eco-habs would be an ideal choice. These bungalows are located in the Cañaveral area and are inspired by traditional Kogui houses. They are built with native wood and have high roofs made out of palm leaves.

 Prices: From COP 600.000- COP 1.500.000 (USD 160-360)

Quote: Did you know? Tayrona’s eco-habs are inspired by traditional Kogui houses.


For budget-friendly options, camping is ideal. However, not all beaches allow camping, so be sure to choose the designated areas such as Cabo San Juan, Playa Arrecife, Playa Cañaveral, Bahía Concha, Playa Brava, and Bahía Castillete.


One of the Tayrona beauties lies in the freedom to choose where you want to sleep. Each option offers a unique advantage. Camping in tents is a perfect alternative for those seeking a connection with nature while maintaining privacy and shelter. You can choose whether: to bring your own tent and sleeping bag, or rent them in the Tayrona camping area.  

Price: From COP 100.000-1500000 (USD 26-38)


If you want to completely experience Tayrona’s natural beauty, hammocks are a fantastic alternative in the Playa Arrecife area. It’s a budget-friendly choice. 

However, it is important to understand that not everyone is a good fit for hammock sleeping. Remember that you won’t have as much privacy as you would in a tent or cabin. Mosquitoes can also be a nuisance, and comfort might be lacking for some.

Price: From COP 70. 000-100. 000 (USD 18-26)

Near Tayrona National Park

We know that staying within the park offers a highly immersive experience. However, if you are looking for an alternative type of accommodation with an equally amazing atmosphere, there are some options available outside the park. Here's a breakdown of accommodations near the park:


Hostels aren’t just places to crash anymore; they’re vibrant shelters where free spirits connect. If you're seeking a comfortable place to experience the Coastal Caribbean atmosphere close to Tayrona Park, hostels are the place to be.

The Journey Hostel Tayrona

Our hostel is conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from the Tayrona Park entrance, making it ideal not only to explore the park but also the towns and places nearby. 

At the Journey Hostel, you will have the opportunity to experience a relaxing atmosphere, with stunning views, an amazing infinity pool, and comfortable private rooms, with delicious breakfast included, to suit your needs. 

Where to Stay in Tayrona National Park?

Caribbean Colombian Towns

Tayrona is surrounded by incredible towns waiting to be discovered. Here are some recommendations:

A charming fishing town, is another gem in the Caribbean region of Colombia. It is located just a 45-minute boat ride away from Tayrona Park. After an amazing trip to Tayrona, this town is an ideal option to spend the night.

Is a peaceful and friendly town surrounded by the Sierra Nevada foothills. It's the perfect place to recharge your batteries after your journey through Tayrona. It's just a 47-minute drive from the Tayrona Park entrance.

A Colombian Caribbean wonder where the sea and river come along, is an incredible alternative if you are looking for a spot that resembles Tayrona but with its own unique identity.

 Factors to Consider Where to Stay in Tayrona National Park

Finding a place to sleep is just as important as picking your adventure. So, if Tayrona is your next destination, but you are feeling overwhelmed on how to choose the place in which you want to stay in. Here are some recommendations: 


Budget is a crucial factor when choosing accommodations. So, we recommend opting for an option that fits your budget.


The first thing you must consider is how close you want to be to Tayrona Park, in order to explore the park, but still explore its surroundings.


Travel is all about creating memories, but how these memories are formed can highly vary depending on your travel style. Do you prefer comfort and coziness, or are you more interested in diving into the local experience?

Number of People

When planning a trip, it's important to consider the tastes of those you are traveling with, whether alone or with a group.

No matter which option you choose, trust your heart to guide you toward the best lodging option. 

Lastly, we would like you to consider us as your main option during your trip to Tayrona. We promise lifetime experiences!

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