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Why Are Hostels Safe and the Best Option for Your Next Trip?

Nowadays, hostels are widely popular, but this wasn’t always the case. People used to relate hostels as a synonym for cheap and uncomfortable accommodations. However, the emerging culture of authentic and meaningful experiences comes alongside the hostel renaissance.

Let’s find out how choosing the right hostel can be a life-changing experience during your next trip: 

Are Hostels Safe? 

Some people still believe that hostels are unsafe, but it's important to remember that hostels are as safe as any new destination you plan to visit. The key is to research on your own and choose the accommodation that fits your preferences and budget.

Are Hostels Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Unfortunately, safety is a common concern for female travelers. Here are some precautions to enhance your security and enjoyment during your trip:

  • Female-Only Dorms: Many places offer this dorm option to ensure comfort and safety, especially for solo female travelers.

  • Lean on the Staff: For the most part, the staff hostel can be a valuable resource for addressing any concerns or questions about the local culture and hostel amenities. 

  • Keep your Belongings Safe: Like any other traveler, be responsible for your belongings and bring a padlock for added security.

  • Trust your Gut: Stay mindful of your environment, including the people you meet for the first time.

Tips For Staying in a Hostel

Now that you understand that hostels can be a secure option, let us give you the following tips:

  • Search Your Hostel:  You can get a preview of what the place is like, by researching the place you plan to stay at. You can also read reviews to see how recommended it is.

  • Be Cautious: Hostels prioritize safety by implementing security measures, but being responsible with your belongings significantly contributes to your safety.

  • Be Considerate: In an ideal world, we would all be considerate of people’s need for rest, but this is not always the case. Our advice is to always carry earplugs or sleep masks for shared rooms.

  • Carry Your Self-Care Products: Most places don’t provide basic toiletries, so bring your own towel, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, and flip-flops.

What’s The Difference Between A Hostel And A Hotel? 

Hostels and hotels aren’t as different as you may think. They are both places that aim to provide short-term basis accommodations for guests.

Hostels, commonly, offer shared rooms for multiple travelers; although most hostels provide private rooms for their guests. They also focus on social gatherings and fostering interaction with fellow travelers. 

Hotels, on the other hand, provide individual rooms with varying amenities based on the room rate, offering a more private and quiet experience. 

So, the main difference between these types of lodgings is the experience you are planning for your trip. Likewise, the price difference between one option and another will depend on the locations and amenities each place offers its guests.

How Does a Hostel Work?

A hostel operates similarly to hotels. You can book a bed in a shared room or a private dormitory by calling the hostel or booking directly on their websites

Upon arrival, like any other place, you will present your identification and booking reservation at the hostel reception. Once the reservation is confirmed, you are likely to receive the keys, a keycard, or a wristband for access to the hostel. 

If you booked a single bed, the staff will likely assign you a bed and a locker for storing your belongings. Most hostels offer shared bathrooms, kitchens, and game rooms to ensure guests stay comfortably. Amenities will vary, but common offerings include Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, breakfast, and guided tours.

Type of Hostels

The hostel resurgence has brought a new era of amenities and experiences to cater to a wide range of travelers, resulting in the diverse types of hostels you might encounter today:

Budget Hostel

A budget hostel mainly hosts students and travelers with tight budgets. These hostels typically offer shared rooms with beds that can accommodate 4 to 10 people. They are designed to provide basic amenities such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Party Hostel 

Party hostels' main target is travelers seeking a more lively and social atmosphere. Even though these places resemble any other hostel, they are distinguished for their onsite nightlife, bars, and game rooms where people gather for fun.

Adventure Hostel

Adventure hostels are designed for adventurous individuals seeking outdoor activities. What distinguishes them from other hostels is their collaboration with local companies to offer great adventures such as hiking, kayaking, and cultural excursions. Additionally, they provide common areas specifically designed to encourage social interaction among guests.


Moreover, adventure hostels are typically located near tourist destinations such as national parks or areas with convenient access to outdoor activities.


Eco hostels prioritize minimizing their environmental footprint. They often have green labels or eco-friendly certifications. This type of hostel's main target is eco-conscious travelers willing to support sustainable practices.

Luxury Hostel

Luxury hostel is a trend that is sticking around.  They transcend the limitations of traditional accommodations. Combining the social energy of hostels with the comfort and luxury of a boutique hotel, they offer a unique proposal for travelers who seek a touch of style and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Reasons to Stay at the The Journey Hostel Tayrona

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose The Journey Hostel for your next adventure to the Tayrona National Park:

  1. All our common areas are designed to provide a lively and dynamic atmosphere for our guests. These spaces facilitate interactions, especially for solo travelers. Therefore, we offer:

  • An onsite bar

  • An infinity pool 

  • A group dinner for all our guests

  • A passing day (Pasadía) to access all our amenities

  1. We offer flexible booking options and essential amenities, such as breakfast, and onsite restaurant and bar service, this will help you save money on dining out and entertainment. 

  2. To provide more freedom and flexibility, we do not enforce curfews. This means you can attend events that run late or catch a late-arriving flight without any worries.

  3. To foster a sense of community and deepen our guests' connection to the local culture, we have thoughtfully arranged a variety of tours and activities, such as horse riding, tubing, diving, hiking, cacao tours, and visits to the Teyku Village.

  4. Last but not least, we are aware that location is crucial for most of our guests. We are conveniently situated just a 5-minute drive from Tayrona National Park and a 44-47-minute drive from the incredible towns of Palomino and Minca.

The sense of community, comfort, and adventure sets us apart. For further assistance with your next trip to Tayrona National Park, feel free to contact us.

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